Brainwave Technology – The Binaural Beat Versus Hypnosis Training

Research into brainwave technology particularly focusing on the binaural beat versus hypnosis training will very quickly reveal one interesting factor. Brainwave technology and the binaural beat always operate inside the brain stem itself without assistance in any way, shape or form. On the other hand, hypnosis training first needs assistance usually in the form of a therapist whose ultimate goal is to gain access to the very same area of the brain by way of manipulation in the form of a trance.

Becoming involved in the field of brainwave technology requires a great deal of time and educational preparation. It is possible to become a certified hypnotherapist by taking a free, twenty-hour course from the inside of a cybercafé!

It doesn’t take but a very small amount of research time to realize that it’s not the binaural beat versus hypnosis but rather hypnosis versus the binaural beat. A hammer does not need a nail in order to make contact with a board but a nail can not make contact with the board without the hammer. Thus, the binaural beat does not need any contact with hypnosis but hypnosis definitely needs the binaural beat in order to operate. It is also ironic to realize that ultimately both rely on the same outside force-a sound!

Take a moment to think about what the binaural beat actually does. A sound enters the ear and immediately that picks up the sound and changes it into a brainwave pattern which in turn changes the state of the mind which in turn changes the state of the physical body. It will only take another moment to think about what hypnosis attempts to do. The body must first be disconnected from the mind by a manipulative sound from an outside source, usually a human, who in turn will attempt to manipulate the mind with the goal of making contact with the brain.

The problem for hypnosis and particularly the hypnotherapist is trying to understand, and duplicate one of the mysteries of life at the base of its very existence. Attempting to understand the relationship between the mind, binaural beats and brainwave technology even duplicating its efficacy, ranks right up there with the scientists who have spent years and years in laboratories and countless hours attempting to figure out the components of breast milk in order to make the same nourishment, immunities and other components available for a baby’s milk formula.

The sound produced for both ears works automatically and regulates itself and does not need neurological feedback to alter the pattern of the brainwave it produces. Hypnosis and its practicing therapist can not exercise cognitive control without this feedback. The binaural beat instantly reacts to the frequency of a sound, organizes and compartmentalizes it so that both sides of the brain are always in a harmonious state.