Probing Into Expensive And Inexpensive Beef Steaks

There are two types of beef you will get in the market: expensive and inexpensive meat. To make your steaks more delicious and favorite for the customers in your restaurant you must first know what really matters, apart from the cost of it. Most people usually have a belief that expensive steaks are of very highquality. These steaks typically get a Prime grade by USDA with high marbling and are usually available in branded restaurants. The Choice grade steaks are less expensive and come with average fat marbling. The low-cost steaks are Selectsteaks that are available in almost every grocery store.

Inspect the qualities

Generally speaking, the USDA grading may not always work when you choose beef cuts. This is because there are a lot of different other factors that may influence your choice. These factors are brand and the producer of the meat. Sometimes, the price alone may play a significant role in the choice. Therefore, you should focus more on the quality of the meat to choose the best meat for your steak. This will ensure that that the meat is fresh and have the right proportion of fat and lean meat. This will reduce cooking time and enhance the taste and flavor of the dish.

Muscle and connective tissue

Most people love to eat steaks that are not chewy. This means that it is not always necessary to buy expensive steaks. However, when you buy inexpensive steaks make sure that you choose the cut from the best part of the carcass. Ideally, inexpensive meat should be cut from the shoulder-side of the sirloin. This is because this region has only one uniform muscle and does not contain a lot of visible connective tissue. If it is cooked properly, the steakwill be tender,flavorful and juicy. Visit know the right recipe and cooking techniques.

Other sections to consider

You can also choose your meat from other sections to buy inexpensive beef. It can be cut from the rump-side of the sirloin. This has a thick connective tissue in it running right through its center. However, if you cook this steak in the same way as other steaks, you will end up having a gristly and chewy piece of meat without much of nice bites. The best thing to do is choose well-marbled steak. It will be fairly tender and super flavorful. Therefore, expensive steaks do not necessarily mean it isdelicious.