The Science of How to Get Instagram Followers

Increase your Instagram Followers - 4 Best Tips. ( You cant miss the 3rd )

If one or a company is looking for a place to market their products or services, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there.

But for marketing to actually show results, one should have a large following base over Instagram. Followers are nothing but real people who like, share and comment on one’s posts.

When starting out, every person out there has a hard time gaining new followers. It’s because no one knows if the new account created exists or not.

If one is new to Instagram and wants to increase their followers, read below. Given below are few tips on the science of how to get instagram followers:

  • Don’t stop posting:

One should never stop posting. If one doesn’t post, no person will ever follow them. Therefore to get instagram followers, one should post regularly without any breaks.

One can also create a posting schedule so the followers will expect a post every time that hour hand hits the specific time on the clock. The content can range from IGTV, stories, videos, or normal content. 

  • Be fresh:

Instagram is a wonderful social media platform. If one looks closely at every famous account there, shows a story just by its colors. To actually get instagram followers, one must make their account fresh, and nothing about their account should be boring.

Use different fonts, colors, hashtags, and whatever it takes to make it catchy.

  • Do collaborations:

Do collaborations with other Instagram account owners to get instagram followers. It contributes to increasing one’s follower’s engagement as well. Since one will be visible and available on the other’s account, it gives exposure to the followers of the collaborator’s account.

If one has a few dimes to spend, he/she can get a sponsorship and add more people as it can also help one get instagram followers.

  • Popular conversations are the correct place to grow:

Giving exposure to one’s account is the best way to get instagram followers. One can gain exposure by using the same hashtag one used in their posts. Then navigate over those hashtags and search for similar posts in the similar niche.

After choosing one post, he/she can comment and like it to start out. It puts one’s account there among the comments sections, but it also attracts the attention of potential followers since the post is in the same niche as one’s account.

  • Make the captions lengthy:

Small captions or one-line captions are a turn-off for followers. To get instagram followers, one must write lengthy captions. They should describe the post thoroughly, and after reading them, people shouldn’t get any questions in their minds. 

One should master the art of writing captions as correct captions do making a difference in the percentage of how one gets instagram followers.

  • Have an unique account:

If one is over Instagram for long, they might have seen and follow all the successful accounts. If noticed carefully, they are uniquely presented.

One should aim to keep their account style unique and keep it real.