Understanding the Maternity Benefits of Health Insurance Plans in India

Becoming parents is probably is one of the greatest joys you can get in a lifetime. But, the pregnancy is also a critical period both for the mother and the baby. To cover any medical risks at such an important point, you need a good maternity cover. Read on to know more about the benefits of maternity insurance.

 If you have just found that you are going to become a parent soon, you may be the happiest person in the world. But, even in such times of happiness and excitement, you must not forget your responsibility. And as a soon-to-be parent, one of the first things you must do is buy a comprehensive health insurance policy that also has a maternity cover. The insurance is not only vital for covering the expenses but also for providing the best medical care for the mother and the baby.

Typically, the maternity cover in a health insurance policy includes pre-natal and post-natal care for the newborn, hospitalisation expenses, delivery costs, and ambulance charges. The coverage is applicable, whether it is a normal or caesarean delivery.

Let us look at some of the benefits of maternity cover.

Complete coverage for mother

One of the most significant benefits of having a maternity cover in your health insurance policy is that it pays for the expenses during the delivery. This includes pre-hospitalisation and post-delivery hospitalisation charges, doctor’s consultation fees, bed charges, medicines, check-ups and tests, and ambulance service.

Complete coverage for the new-born

Good health coverage covers not only the risks for the mother but also the infant. Often, post-delivery the baby and the mother are susceptible to various illness, and if the baby is detected with any such condition, the maternity insurance covers the same.

Hospitalisation expenses

During pregnancy, the soon-to-be mother may need to visit the doctor often for periodic check-ups and consultation. A health insurance policy covers the pre and post-hospitalisation expense for a certain period, as mentioned in the insurance document. So, make sure that you are aware of the costs included in the policy and if needed, buy an additional rider for a more comprehensive cover.

Cashless facility

Most insurance companies in India that offer maternity cover provide cashless facility. You can ensure that the soon-to-be mother gets the best medical care and treatment without paying a single rupee out of your pocket. This facility is available only if you seek treatment at any of the chosen hospitals in the insurer’s network.

Tax Benefit

If you have purchased a health insurance cover with a maternity cover, you are eligible to claim for tax deduction under Section 80D for the premium paid.

Flexibility to choose the sum insured

At the time of buying a maternity insurance policy, you have the flexibility to choose the sum assured that you want to receive as maternity expenses. You can choose the sum assured based on the estimated cost you may incur during the pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.

When to buy maternity health insurance?

Ideally, you must buy maternity health insurance well before your before pregnancy. Most health insurance companies have a waiting period of two to six years, and the insurers do not offer maternity cover to women who are already pregnant. So, keeping in mind the waiting period, you must plan your insurance purchase accordingly so that you get the complete coverage and benefits of the maternity insurance.

Documents required to claim maternity insurance

The documents needed to claim maternity insurance may vary from one insurance company to the other. But, in general, you must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the maternity health insurance policy
  • Proof of pregnancy (medical reports issued by an authorised medical professional/doctor)
  • If you are going to be hospitalised in one of the network hospitals of the insurer, the original cashless health card issued by the insurer
  • KYC documents