3 Best Places To Visit and Enjoy japan spring Festivals

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Spring is the ideal season for visiting Japan if you prefer to see the bounty of Nature. The stunning cherry blossoms are in full bloom during the spring all across Japan. But don’t think that there is anything else to do or see except admiring the cherry blossoms, although once you enter the popular parks, you will feel like spending hours there only. The cherry blossoms of the Hirosaki city deserve special mention as it is the best place to witness the pink petals falling on the ground forming a pink carpet. The city is in the Aomori prefecture of northern Japan, and the cherry trees start blooming from late April and continue till early May.

Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Even last year, 5,00 000 people gathered at the base of Mt. Fuji to witness the most exciting japan spring festival. You will be amazed to see the breathtaking scenery of the 8 million pink moss blooming against the majestic backdrop of the gigantic Mt. Fuji. Shibazakura is the Japanese name of phlox moss and one of the common spring flowers of Japan. The place is 3 kilometers away from Lake Motosuko. The contrast of blue sky, pink flowers, and mountains. You can also enjoy some delicious food at the food festival happening there. The festival goes on for one and a half months.

Himeji Castle

The White Egret Himeji castle stands majestically on top of the hill in the Himeji city of Hyogo Prefecture. It is the best instance of Japanese architectural excellence in building castles. It comprises 83 buildings in a network and has a very advanced defense system right from the feudal period. The other name of the castle is Hakuro-jo or Shirasagi-Jo, owing to the brilliant white color of the exterior. You will love every minute of the trip to the castle, and the spring in Japan can be the most memorable trip ever.