Be The Master Of The Game With valorant cheats

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Valorant is a fun and exciting 5×5 FPS game that has become quite popular with a lot of gamers. The game can be described as a cross between Overwatch and CS:Go wherein 2 teams are playing against the other. When you play Valorant, your team’s role will either be to defend or to attack. 


The attackers must plant a spike to destroy the other team while the latter must defuse the spikes or stop the enemies from planting them. The attackers can win the game when they are able to get rid of the defenders by making sure to plant the spikes and they must also protect it from getting defused. 


The defenders on the other hand will win the game if they are able to destroy all the attackers before they can plant the spikes or if they can also defuse the planted spikes. The game play sounds quite easy especially if you are already familiar with similar games. 


How To Get Started On Valorant


Valorant is free to play so any player can download and play the game. All you need to do is go to the official site of the game and just click “Play Now”. You will then be asked to create a Riot account and sign up so you can gain access to the game. 


Check out the system requirements of the game: 


  • CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
  • GPU Intel HD 4000
  • RAM 4GB
  • OS Windows 7 or above


The game has been optimized so that it can successfully run in many types of machines. Players, especially the new ones can also check out valorant cheats from skycheats so that they can have a better edge in the game. 


Basic Guide On How To Play Valorant


The initial buy phase is when the round starts which is the time when players can buy items or weapons for that specific round. In the first round, players will only use pistols since no one has enough cash yet to purchase better weapons. Money can be earned either through winning and losing. You can then use the money to buy more weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles or even SMGs. 


You can also boost your abilities or even buy armours. Gunplay is the main deal of the game and players must eliminate the enemies to win the game and to avoid getting killed. If you want to be good in Valorant, then you must practice how to handle the weapons. 


Quick tip: Your money will not be carried over to the next game so make sure to spend it all on the round. If you are already familiar with FPS games, then you can easily handle Valorant. Keep in mind that it is best to aim especially when feasible and also fire in bursts to get better chances of hitting the enemy. 


Also, do not forget to hide in the sweet spots so you won’t get eliminated too quickly. Avoid the open spaces and use cover as often as you can.