Cultural Influences and the Life of Indian Maids Abroad

Indian “Maids” — The True Heroes of Corona | by Prerita Chawla | Thoughts  And Ideas | MediumIndian maids are the unsung heroes of modern households worldwide. They are an indispensable part of modern Indian culture. Indian households have relied on domestic helpers for centuries. The traditional joint family system amplifies this need. With more women joining the workforce, household help is even more critical today. Domestic helpers shoulder most of the household responsibilities and have become an integral part of modern Indian households. Their presence has contributed positively to women’s empowerment and enabled them to pursue their careers without worrying about home responsibilities. Let’s explore the integral role of Indian maid (印傭) in modern households in more detail.


Indian maids are more than just ‘help.’ They serve as family members, and their contribution to the household is all-encompassing. Most domestic helpers in urban India are women from economically weaker sections. They are excellent multi-taskers, managing various responsibilities simultaneously. The list of duties these unsung heroes perform is endless. From cooking meals, dusting, cleaning, maintaining household cleanliness, grocery shopping, dishwashing, laundry, ironing clothes to taking care of children and the elderly – the list goes on. Their roles extend beyond simple chores as they provide emotional support, love, and care to the family members.

One of the significant contributions of domestic helpers is enabling women to pursue their careers without worries of household management. Female labour force participation (FLFP) in India is amongst the world’s lowest at present, and this is where domestic helpers come in. Affordable domestic help allows women to have more control over their jobs and careers, creating a positive impact on the country’s economy. Many educated women, otherwise unable to join the workforce due to restrictive traditions in some parts of the country, often resort to domestic helpers to take care of household chores, enabling them to work from home. Maids help women to balance family life, personal responsibilities and a professional career. These helpers are increasingly becoming integral to modern urban Indian households.

Another integral role played by domestic helpers in modern households is in safeguarding children. Modern parents lead a fast-paced lifestyle; both partners usually work, and some have no direct relatives nearby. Hence, the role of full-time domestic help is an essential aspect of modern child-rearing. They are responsible for looking after the children while parents are at work and also help children with their academics, extra-curricular activities, and development. Severing ties with a domestic helper is challenging for children since these helpers become family and hold significant positions in their lives.

Domestic helpers are at the forefront of the housekeeping industry in India, becoming increasingly professional and organized in their approach. They often receive job training and are becoming more specialized in specific areas of housekeeping. They use advanced products and techniques to clean homes using modern cleaning tools. They have become quintessential as nuclear families with two working parents become the norm, providing diverse household support to working millennials.

In a country like India, where socio-economic conditions vary, domestic maid work provides opportunities for many women to improve their social status. This job provides economic stability and access to social networks. Some households opt to hire help from their native region, contributing to the multilingual workforce in metropolitan areas. It is essential to recognize the rights of this workforce, for they are an integral part of India’s changing society.


In conclusion, the role of domestic helpers in modern Indian households is essential to the economy, society and supporting the modern lifestyle. They have evolved into a critical part of the Indian workforce, and their role is likely to grow even more significant moving forward. Every Indian household should realize the significant role domestic helpers play in their daily lives. This is a crucial and dynamic profession in India that deserves respect, better pay, and improved working conditions. It is our responsibility to recognize and appreciate the integral role of Indian maids in modern households.