Semi Permanent Eyeliners: Everything You Need To Know

What Are Semi Permanent Eyeliners?

Semi permanent eyeliners are the new innovative type of eyeliners that last for over a year. These types of eyeliners can be applied by a cosmetic technician or artist. Semi permanent eyeliners are like tattoos for your eye. Tattoos can be painful but semi permanent eyeliners are not painful. The clients only feel a faint vibration during the short procedure. There is no downtime or pain involved in getting semi permanent eyeliners. It is not expensive, after getting semi permanent eyeliners, clients never have to spend on expensive makeup products. The time that you can save when you don’t have to apply eyeliner is also a beneficial factor.

So, semi permanent eyeliners are a go-to choice for anyone looking forward to easing their morning makeup routine. Even though semi permanent eyeliners are mostly used by women, men can also choose to get this treatment because it helps in giving a fuller and enhanced look to the eyes. Any person aging from 16 to 94 years old can undertake this treatment.

What Is the Exact Procedure ofSemi Permanent Eyeliners

The procedure of Semi Permanent Eyeliners is performed by trained and certified professionals only. Interested customers need to make sure that the procedure is done by a certified expert. Since the eyes are a crucial sensory organ, they must be treated with the utmost care and safety. You can book an appointment with a reputed clinic that offers semi permanent eyeliner procedures. A good clinic will provide full counsel and explain everything you need to know about the procedure that you are interested in.

The treatment involves carefully implanting color into your skin with a specialized tiny needle. The effect of a semi permanent eyeliner is not the same as a tattoo, since the eye area is delicate the color is implanted in the top layers of the skin. Therefore, after a year or two, the semi permanent eyeliner will fade away. The fading will depend on how your eye holds the color. The procedure is done in 2 appointments, and you can forget about applying eyeliner for a year at the least. The eye area is cleaned and sanitized with an antibacterial cream, the skin is prepped then the numbing cream is applied. The numbing cream removes all the discomfort and then the color is inserted in the eye area with a special tool. The process is seamless and painless if you choose a good technician.

MicroArt forSemi Permanent Eyeliners

MicroArt has been in the industry since the year 2009. It was founded by the intelligent entrepreneur Tanya York. It is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills in California, USA. The MicroArt clinic is inclusive of all clients irrespective of their background and preferences. The clinic provides a variety of procedures including semi permanent eyeliners, eyebrows, lips, and dark circles. The professionals at the clinic provide efficient and effective treatments for every client.  This is the best clinic for getting semi permanent eyeliners.