Benefits of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens  

Anyone that that has used a wood fired pizza oven has likely sung its praises. There are many different benefits of having home pizza ovens right in your backyard.

It’s a Food Experience

Pizza ovens offer more than just a way to cook food; it’s an experience. Once you have tried your favorite dish in a wood fired oven, you will taste the difference. The experience of cooking with a wood fired oven is also enchanting and it’s easy to see why this can become your favorite cooking appliance. The whole process creates a culinary experience that will be memorable.

A Better Way to Cook

A wood fired oven will generate three different cooking methods at the same time. Due to the shape of the dome, the flames curl up and over the top of the dome to naturally circulate the heat. This will result in better and even heat circulation and shorter cooking times. As heat is stored in the refractory bricks and dome, it is then radiated back down to the food that is cooking. Wood fired ovens can reach temperatures that many other appliances can’t. This will reduce cooking times and also help lock in juices and flavors in food before they dry out.

Superior Flavor

A benefit that a wood fired pizza oven has over traditional ovens and barbeques is the flavor that isn’t possible with electricity, gas, or charcoal. You can also subtly change the flavor by using different types of wood because each type of wood will have a unique flavor. Any fruit wood, such as cherry or apple, will give a great flavor. Ash, oak, and other hardwoods are also a great choice. You can experiment with different wood in your area to find different flavors. Be sure that it is a hardwood and is well dried in order to ensure it will burn without too much smoke.

Ideal for Hot Days

On hot summer days when you don’t even want to think about turning on your indoor oven to cook dinner, you can use a wood fired pizza oven. Cooking is done outside so your house will stay cool and comfortable.

Helps Food Retain Nutrients

Preparing vegetables in a wood fired oven will cook them quickly to help them retain specific nutrients.

Go Off the Grid

These ovens don’t require any electricity or gas. This means you can use yours during a power outage so you don’t have to worry about not eating when there is a grid problem or thunderstorm.

Can Be Used for Other Cooking Purposes

These ovens aren’t just for pizza and they can also cook many different types of food. The bulk of cooking throughout human history was actually done in a wood fired oven. Many ovens can roast meats and vegetables, as well as bake bread.