The Best Doctor For Vertigo: Knowing Their Qualifications And Hearing Their Expert Advice

Vertigo is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. It causes dizziness and spinning, which can make it difficult to walk and stand up straight. As with any ailment, the best treatment depends on the specific symptoms and health history of an individual.

That being said, many doctors specialize in treating vertigo conditions, so it’s important to know who you’re checking in with. These specialists have additional training that allows them to treat vertigo patients more effectively than other general practitioners or primary care physicians (PCPs).

To find the best doctor for vertigo, you need to know what they specialize in, their qualifications, as well as their experience treating vertigo patients.

How To Find A Vertigo Specialist


The first step to finding the best doctor for vertigo is determining who you want to see. Try to think about which specialists treat your specific condition, as well as other symptoms that may be related to your health.

If you have vertigo and other symptoms such as dizziness and headaches, it’s helpful to see a doctor who specializes in vertigo and vascular disorders. These specialists may also have experience treating other conditions that cause dizziness, such as multiple systems vertigo, Meniere’s disease, and central vertigo.

So, you may want to consider asking your primary care physician (PCP) for a referral to a specialist. You can also use the Internet to find specialists near you. Many medical associations and specialty medical associations have online directories that can help you find a doctor near you.

You may also want to check with your local hospital to see if they have a doctor who treats vertigo who also treats other conditions. In some cases, hospitals have specialists who treat only one type of condition, so it may be worth looking in this direction too.

Finally, it may be worth asking your PCP for a referral to a specialist outside of your normal practice area, as some doctors are better at treating specific conditions than others.

Doctors’ Qualifications For Vertigo Treatment


One important thing to look for when finding the right doctor for you is their qualifications. Ideally, your doctor will have completed their training at an accredited medical school, where they received specialized training in the diagnosis and management of vertigo conditions.

Most accredited medical schools have a website where you can search for their accredited status, which is verified by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Besides accreditation, you may also want to look for a doctor with qualifications in the specific area of vertigo conditions they treat.

For example, an otologist treats dizziness caused by BPPV, Meniere’s disease, and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV); a neurologist treats central vertigo, Meniere’s disease, and Ménière’s disease; and a physiatrist treats central vertigo, multiple systems vertigo, and Meniere’s disease.

Ideally, you want a doctor who has additional training in handling specific vertigo conditions, so they can treat your symptoms more effectively.

Final Words: Finding The Best Doctor For Vertigo


Vertigo can be a difficult condition to treat, but knowing who you’re seeing can help you get the most from your doctor’s visits. When you find the right doctor for you, consider keeping a journal of your symptoms, medications you take, and any other health information that can help your doctor better understand you and treat your condition.