vitamin A

Beautiful and attractive curls with expressive brilliance are the dream of everyone. In such a situation, vitamin A for hair becomes a salvation – it improves the structure, promotes shine and eliminates damage and the environmental impact of thin strands.

Retinol (the medical name for vitamin A) enters the body in 2 ways – through the synthesis of beta-carotene and together with animal fats. But sometimes it is not enough in the food. Therefore, its external application is most effective. Creams, masks, shampoos and oils with its content are considered as a full-fledged medicine to improve the structure and beauty of even the thinnest strands.

Experts consider retinol as a building material for the formation of the hair structure, nail plates and skin. It protects cells from the damaging effects of the environment, including from the radiation.

Until the age of 20, it is easily absorbed, the body gets enough of it with food, but in the future, external exposure (masks, shampoos) is required to improve the condition of the skin and hair in Midtown Manhattan Barbershop.

If retinol is not supplied with food in sufficient quantities, additional analogues are required. These include pills, ampoules, and liquid capsules. In combination, they act on the body and make up for the lack of retinol at the cellular level.

Retinol is widely used in cosmetology as an antioxidant in creams, masks for hair care, strengthening its structure, adding shine, and sealing damaged hair ends.

Ways to use:

  – The capsule is opened, its contents are distributed along the root zone or length before the head washing. Sometimes only the ends are treated with liquid retinol and left on the hair. Such masks are used as additional regenerative therapy from mechanical, thermal, chemical damage of the hair structure or as home lamination.

    It can be used as an additional component of the mask as well.

    It is an ingredient that enhances the beneficial effects of shampoo or conditioner.

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